Looplok - 25mm Original Engraved Logo
Looplok - 25mm Original Engraved Logo

Looplok - 25mm Original Engraved Logo

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Why?  Because we think its a good idea and we want to see men displaying their chastity status, all over the world.  And, you don't need to wear it all the time.  Just when you or your partner wants to show it.  And if you are a bit shy, wear it with the logo to the back or just lock it onto your back pack, key ring, or bag.  There are no rules.  Wear it as you want.

When? Lets make Looplok big in Locktober.  Order now so it arrives in plenty of time.

You'll (or your partner will) love the smiles of recognition from total strangers.


25mm Looplok: The first original limited production Looplok

This is the first ever genuine Looplok commissioned by her_cucky from X.com (Twitter)

The looplock is a lock specifically designed to be fastened to a beltloop. Similar to the symbolic key necklace. The Looplok signifies that the male wearer is securely locked in a male chastity device.

While public display of a chastity cage isn't advised, the Looplok allows wearers of chastity cages to display publicly that they are in chastity. The looplok can also be worn to signify a commitment to a chastity lifestyle and, for those who self-lock, gives an opportunity for other, who recognise it, to encourage the wearer.