Frequently Asked Questions

What are our products made of?
Our products are made from high quality 3D nylon resin. The material is a smooth, rigid, lightweight plastic.

The products are hygienically safe and can be used with water and silicone base lubricants.
Clean regularly with soap and warm water or isopropyl alcohol. Do not apply heat as this may cause damage.

Are our 3D cages escapable?
All ball capture devices are escapable so there is a level of self control need. However for those of us that are more serious about chastity, a PA or Frenum piercing can prevent escape. Please refer to our videos.

Are the rings interchangeable?
Yes most rings within standard products are interchangeable but please check with us if in doubt.

How do I measure by base ring size?

Because our products are unbranded we are able to supply all four base rings for you to try.

Do the cages require sanding?

No, our products are manufactured using state of the art machinery and are ready to wear out of the box.

Are our cages compatible with a Prince Albert (PA) piercing?

Yes you could wear a Prince Albert or Frenum piercing with the cage although it is not specifically design for it.

Will wearing a chastity cage make my penis smaller?
When a penis is compressed in a cage for a period of time it will appear smaller once released. This is only temporary and will return to normal within hours or days as the spongy tubes of erectile tissue regain their natural state.

Safety Notice

Ultimately, our products are use-at-your-own-risk. If you experience any medical issue such as restricted circulation, bruising, or skin irritation, please — at minimum — take a break from the product and reevaluate sizing.

When you first receive your device, test it slowly. Do not immediately give your key to another person who lives far away from you. It can take at least several weeks to make sure the device is suitable for longterm wear.

In the extremely unlikely event that a device gets stuck on you, try using soap or lubricant to help slide it off. If that doesn’t work and you don’t feel that you can safely break it, go to a doctor. However embarrassing it is, we promise, they’ve seen worse.

Where are our products made?
Our cages are made in Guangdong China. The company manufctures high quality adult toys for the international market, sold in high end retail setting. With advanced technology, professional staff, advanced machinery and strick quality control standards, they are an industry leader supplying products to all over the world.

Is the shipping discreet?
All our products are sold in discete packaging.

How fast do you ship?
Currently international shipping is experiencing delays. Although some shipments arrive within a week or two, some shipments may get held up for a few weeks. We provide good tracing information to ensure you know your parcels progress at all times. We do however hope you are pleasantly surprised with the delivery time.