No not knock-offs. "No Brand" products

Our chastity cages are "No Brand" products and are often referred to as "White Label" or "generic" products.

Do you ever wonder if your supermarket "Home Brand" product is the same as your regular branded product? Chances are it's the same product packaged in "no frills" packaging.

Our chastity cages are produced for the European and US markets and will be sold under a variety of retail brands. They are sold with up-market retail boxes and packaging of the retailers choice.  

The reason for this is that small volume production is extremely expensive to set up and produce.  These toys are made in large, state of the art factories with professional engineering and quality control processes.

The chastity cages themselves are no different from the retail models. 

Happy shopping and if you do buy from us I know you will be very happy with the product.